Lose Hip Fat

Great Ways to Lose Hip Fat and Stay Trim.

People will spend hours at the gym exercisiLose Hip Fatng in the hope that they will lose hip fat, but very often they find the results are slow to come and the effort hard to sustain.

You probably know that the most effective way to lose hip fat is through a combination of diet and exercise. The problem is that many types of exercise and diets combined together are no where near as effective as you would hope for them to be.  Either that or they are so exhausting it becomes too difficult to continue.

In order to get that fat off your hips efficiently it is important to follow a well proven method that deals with the problem effectively without wearing you out in the process. As far as getting good results is concerned, the Turbulence Training method stands out with thousands of men and women getting trim hips and looking years younger. You can check out the many testimonials and photos by clicking on the link below

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General Tips to Improve Resuts.

Cut your fat intake – check to see how much fat you currently consume. You need to cut out items such as butter, full cream milk and cheese and switch to healthier options such as olive oil or vegetable oil spreads and low-fat or skim milk and cheese. For breakfast, substitute fat and sugar filled cereals served with full cream milk, for low GI fruits or wholegrain bread topped with mushrooms or garlic bread with olive oil.

Eat fish 3-4 times a week but go easy on red meat.

Burn the Fat– The before and after photos on the right are the result of a second proven way to lose hip fat. It works by factoring in four different components of getting rid of unsightly fat. These are nutrition, weight training,  cardio training and mind set. However don’t be put off by the mention of  “weight training”. This is not a program designed exclusively for bodybuilding. It applies the science of fat burning learned in the body building industry but the primary focus is actually on nutrition. And yes, it is suitable for both men and women and has a tailored approach for each sex.

This program also has a lot of testimonials with photos, and is backed by an 8 week money back guarantee. Many of the people who have used this way to lose hip fat report dropping down 2 or 3 dress sizes or jeans sizes over a four month period.  The other reported benefit from users is looking and feeling younger and more energized.

You don’t have to join a gym as all the exercises can be done a t home and neither do you have to be young. Good results have been attained by people in the 50 – 60 year age range. People using this program can expect to lose fat at the rate of around 2 pounds per week without losing any muscle.

What I like about the Burn the Fat approach is that it is extremely well researched and provides comprehensive and detailed instructions on both the foods to eat and the appropriate exercise program You can have a look at this program on the link below.

Learn the Secrets of How to Burn Hip Fat

Lose Hip Fat